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Wellness Program

In 2019, in a WA hospitality first, S&J introduced their fully-funded employee wellness program ‘S&J top-up’ in an effort to introduce the S&J Tribe to alternative philosophies and practices outside of the work environment – to encourage, empower and stimulate healthy choices for mind, body and soul.

The driving force behind the initiative? Step forward S&J GM, Lachlan Howarth.

“At S&J we adhere to a Tribe Mentality: a group of people that care for each other and look out for one another, no matter what – bonded by a strong sense of shared values, meaning & purpose. This is how we’ve always operated when it comes to our people.”

“But here’s the thing, and it might sound selfish, but how can you look out for someone else if you’re not looking after yourself first? You can’t pour from an empty cup. If the energy out is greater than the energy in – you’re going to run into a problem.”

“We want to ensure our staff are the best possible version of themselves – not just when they are at work, but in every minute, of every day.”



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